FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions

1.1 — How do I download movies from Full Movies?
1.2 — How long does it take to Download a film?
1.3 — How do I play the movie off of the portal?
1.4 — I am receiving an error during playback of a movie.
1.5 — I forgot my Username, how do I login?
1.6 — Is the payment system for Full Movies safe?
1.7 — How can I search for movies?

Q: How do I download movies from Full Movies?

A: To download any of our movies simply login to our member’s area using this URL: http://www.fullmovies.com/login.php

You must use the username and password assigned to you during the signup process. If you forgot your password you may use our password lookup feature on the login page. Your username is your email address you used during purchase.

After logging in choose the movie you wish to download by clicking on a category on the left or by using our alphabetical menu. The movie titles are alphabetically arranged for your convenience in each category. Once you have chosen a title just right-click on the "Click Here to Download" link and choose "Save Target As" to save the video file to your device / computer. Once download is complete just open the file with your default Media Player to start playback.

Q: How long does it take to Download a film?

A: Downloading with average home based cable / wireless Interenet connection would take appoximately 10-30 minutes on average. If you are experiencing longer download times please check your network to make sure it is operating properly. Try downloading movies in off-hours if you are using a shared Interenet connection, when downstream bandwidth is freed up.

You may also simply click the "Click Here to Download" link and it would open your Media Player. This way the movie will begin playing in a streaming mode. Please note that a fast Internet connection is required for streaming, otherwise you will experience long delays with video buffering.

Please note that all downloads are available for your private enjoyment only, you may not share or publicly exhibit the movies in any way. Please contact us if you have any questions about our copyright policies.

Q: How do I play the movie off of the portal?

A: All our movies are available to you in .AVI format which is industry standard for video playback and is supported by all major Media Players such as Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, QuickTime Player, DiVX player, and many others. We recommend using Windows Media Player for movie playback for its simplicity and ease of use. Please refer to you Media Player help section for help with playback issues unrelated to our members area.

If you have trouble playing the movie with your Media Player please check your software for upgrades and make sure it's up to date.

Q: I am receiving an error during playback of a movie.

A: If you receive an error during playback, you may also want to download and install the latest codecs (video plugins) on your device. Otherwise you might experience trouble playing higher resolution video files including some titles from our members area.

Please visit http://www.divx.com to download a FREE codec software package, from one of the most trusted names in video playback.
Fullmovies.com is not affiliated with DiVX.com in any way.

Please reboot your device/computer after all the upgrades have been installed for the changes to take effect.

If your codecs and software are up to date and you still cannot view the movie, please check the movie file to make sure it's of the appropriate size (around 1GB) since sometimes your Internet connection might prevent a full file from downloading correctly. In that case, please re-download the movie from our members section using "Click Here to Download" link.

Q: I forgot my Username, how do I login?

A: Please note that your email address used during purchase is your default username.

Check your purchase receipt to see what email address you used. You will need your email address you used during signup to retrieve your password though.

Please use our password retrieval feature here:

You can retrieve your password by simply entering your email address, which was used during your purchase. If entered correctly, your login information will be emailed to you at that same address.

Q: Is the payment system for Full Movies safe?

A: For your safety and convenience we are using a trusted and secure third party billing processor for our transactions, therefore we have limited information about your specific transaction details for your protection.

Please refer to your purchase receipt confirmation email for all billing details. You may also visit Clickbank.com to receive further help with your transaction.

Billing amount and type of membership are available to you in the receipt. If you are missing an email receipt please tell us your email address you used to signup with us and we will attempt to find your information in our system to help you resolve any billing issues.

Q: How can I search for movies?

A: Our movie selection and our members area are constantly updated and improved, please check back often for even more titles for your movie entertainment.

To download any movie simply login to our members area here: http://www.fullmovies.com/login.php

To find a specific movie simply use the categories on the left to alphabetically view all available movies in a chosen category. You may also use our A to Z menu to view a list of all available titles.

We have all the information about a specific movie available to you including the length, year, genre, actors, and description of each title.

You may download as many movies as you wish, there are no limits. Keep the files for your watching enjoyment and watch the movies whenever you want.

We strive to make our members area as enjoyable and intuitive as possible, so please do not hesitate to offer us your suggestions on how to improve. Also if you are looking for a specific title please let us know so we can potentially add the movie with our next upgrade.